Sunday, January 25, 2009


I just started reading a new york times article on the taxation of brothels in nevada when I noticed the photo with the article:

it's the bunny ranch of hbo's cathouse fame. and I noticed the name rayveness on the billing out front.

I wondered if it was the same rayveness who I've come across on the internet a few times. apparently, it is.

I didn't realize she was so old. but she's right in that sweet spot for women, at least as far as I am concerned. and as hot as ever (though a little too made-up here for my taste):

here she is at her pornographic finest:

now the idea of paying for sex doesn't especially appeal to me, not because it seems empty, but because, from what I've seen of cathouse, it is overpriced. still, for rayveness, I'd be seriously tempted to pull out my credit card, if not drive all the way to nevada.



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